18 Breed Reviews: Labrador Retriever

#13 Sweet and affectionate creature

This miracle appeared in our house when he was three months old. It was then that we said goodbye to peace and cleanliness! Of course, I read about them that they are hooligans, but I could not even imagine this. Special toys, bones, and balls did not interest him for long, and he, as a matter of fact, switched to gnawing and tearing everything forbidden! A month later, 10 pairs of shoes were eaten, which they forgot to hide, the wooden steps of the stairs to the second floor, all the corners of the furniture, the entire front door was stripped, the leather seat of the ATV in the yard was bitten off, and this tomboy spoiled a lot of other stuff. I want to warn you right away that this is a very smart dog and learns everything very easily. Two months later, he carried out all the commands with us, he was accustomed to going out for a walk on time, but he doesn't want to be a hooligan! Apparently, it is in his blood and you just have to put up with it, hide everything and get used to it.

#14 Loyal friend

A wonderful dog especially for families with children. The breed is unpretentious in care, moderately mobile, playful, love to swim, non-aggressive. Easy to train. A wonderful companion dog in every way. Of the problems, perhaps only love to swim everywhere and in everything, even in muddy puddles. And ear diseases (otitis media) are possible. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the ears. It's a paradox, but often this disease is provoked by the water that got into the ears and hypothermia. Therefore, if the pet begins to shake its head, does not allow it to touch its ears, or whines at the same time, there is discharge, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible so as not to start the disease.

#15 Family favorite (and cat)

To say that we were lucky with him is to say nothing. We do not know what an allergy is, we do not vacuum cleaners, like many Labradors, we do not swallow - we eat in moderation. Our body is not thin and not full - like an athlete's relief))) Of course, life in a private house affects - in winter we let the dog go for a walk through the snowdrifts up to 8 times a day.

Of all the problems that were gnawed in puppyhood and adolescence (a lot of shoes were damaged). Now one problem is wool. You need to comb it out regularly. We vacuum 2 times a day. But these are all small things compared to what this dog gives. So much love!

Children's best friend is ready to play and walk for hours. True, you need to make sure that you do not take toys from children, we spoiled him and now he does not separate his and children's toys - he can pick them up and gnaw them. Loves to swim. He also has wild love for empty plastic bottles - these are his favorite toys.

Our guy has hazel eyes - he looks like a person. It's amazing that the black dad and the red-haired mom have such a blond son.

He gets along remarkably well with a cat, they have their own games, and in general love and understanding.

I also like that he rarely barks, only on business.

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