Breed Review: Pekingese (19 Pics)

Pekingese is a bright representative of the canine beau monde with an outstanding appearance and a strong independent character. Proud and moderately capricious, this little proud man will never agree to a supporting role, and he will immediately inform his owner about it. At the same time, he has an innate sense of aristocracy. Scratched wallpaper and furniture, endless complaints of loneliness in the form of annoying barking, the mess in the apartment – all this is frank bad manners for the Pekingese, which he will never allow himself.

#1 The homeland of the Pekingese is China.

It was in the Celestial Empire that these arrogant fuzzies were raised into a cult, adding them to the list of the emperor's favorite pets. According to some reports, the age of the breed has long exceeded 2000 years, but the world learned about its existence only in the 18th century. For centuries under the tutelage of Chinese rulers, Pekingese or Fu dogs, as they were preferred to be called at home, evolved into true darlings of fate. Their figurines were sculpted from porcelain, legends were made about them, and the smallest representatives of the breed rode around in the sleeves of nobles, eating selected delicacies from their table.

#2 Chinese Pekingese model of the 18th-19th centuries. it was impossible to meet those walking along the city streets, since the right to breed animals belonged to the imperial family and was inherited.

This led to the fact that it became virtually impossible to buy, receive a gift, and finally just steal a palace puppy. The animals were reliably guarded by the military, with whom even the most desperate thieves did not dare to compete. European breeders, who had long looked towards the Pekingese as another Asian curiosity, were certainly not happy with such restrictions, but then fate itself intervened.

#3 In the years 1859-1860. another Opium War broke out between China, England and France, the result of which was the storming of the residence of the Emperor of the Celestial Empire.

The monarch himself, as well as members of his family, the British did not find in the Summer Palace, but they found five Pekingese who miraculously survived in it, who were later sent to Great Britain. From that moment on, a new, European round in the history of the breed begins, which presented the world with decorative dogs with lion's manes and monkey faces. By the way, the animals have christened Pekingese already in England, based on the name of the Chinese capital - Beijing.

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