Breed Review: Pekingese (19 Pics)

#19 Pekingese puppies have a special type of coat, softer and fluffier, which is why one and a half month old babies look like fluffy lumps with beady eyes.

The change of a child's “fur coat” for an adult “coat” occurs at about the age of 4 months, but in some individuals, the process is delayed up to 32 weeks of life. During this period, it is enough for a Pekingese to brush daily with a massage brush and treat the "pants" area and ears with a rare comb. Moisten the coat with conditioner before combing, like the hair of the Pekingese is already brittle. In this case, the movements of the comb should be as careful as possible: do not pull tangled hairs and in no case pull them out. The coat of the Pekingese is very delicate and grows slowly, so if every brushing brings such losses, in a couple of months the puppy will turn into a funny bald man.

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