Breed Review: Caucasian Shepherd Dog (21 Pics)

#4 Having a rather pleasant, and sometimes frankly sweet appearance, Caucasian Shepherds remain very serious pets, the owners of which will have to constantly keep their finger on the pulse.

These harsh brutal are focused on protecting a person and his property. Not a single stranger, even with the most insinuating manners, will be able to get into their confidence. Intimidation and threats do not work on dogs either, so if you are looking for a first-class watchman with the makings of a professional bodyguard, the brave "highlanders" will not disappoint you.

#5 Caucasian Shepherd Dogs slightly “thaw” only when they are in the circle of their beloved people, which is generally not surprising.

Endless dedication to home and family is one of the key characteristics of this canine tribe. True, in order to earn the trust of a pet, you will have to work hard on the image of a strict and fair owner, since the cult of power for shaggy "security" is not an empty phrase.

#6 Most Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are smart, balanced and quite adequate pets, with a hardened character.

For example, they willingly spend time with children, taking part in their games and antics. However, do not try to raise an all-forgiving nanny out of a shaggy guard: a shepherd's job is to protect a person, not serve him as fun.

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