Breed Review: Caucasian Shepherd Dog (21 Pics)

#13 Like most large breed dogs, Caucasian Shepherds tend to dominate

therefore, it is important to catch the moment when the animal begins to show leadership habits in order to further correct its behavior. It is not difficult to understand that your pet has gained strength and is preparing to crush the household. Usually such a dog begins to neglect the rules of etiquette: to beg for food; run into the house in front of the owner; walking on a leash, pull out and drag a person along. Some individuals show aggression by snarling at family members.

#14 No matter what the advertising of cynological schools promises, the ZKS courses for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog are pure formality.

These harsh giants are born watchmen and bodyguards, and they do not need to be taught the correct reaction to any "newcomer" who has violated the boundaries of the master's domain. If you still want your dog to learn the intricacies of protective guard service, get ready for the fact that during training your pet will not always demonstrate excellent results. So, for example, an animal can simply ignore the provocation on the part of the trainer, and the explanation for this behavior is simple: the dog does not see the need to resist a fake threat.

#15 Ideally, ZKS training is carried out in the territory that the pet considers its own.

Training on playgrounds and wastelands will disorient the dog. The animal does not understand why to guard an uninteresting and completely unfamiliar place that does not belong to it. In addition, many of the skills taught by the ZKS course contradict the nature of the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. In particular, most wolfhounds do not pursue an enemy that has taken flight, but the protective guard service requires the opposite from the animal.

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